Nick Didn't Privatise ETSA


Labor claims Nick voted to privatise the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA) in 1999.


Nick voted AGAINST privatising ETSA in 1999 at the crucial third reading stage when he was a Member of the Legislative Council in South Australia. The misleading comment comes from his voting for the second reading stage of the debate, months earlier, which was about allowing debate to continue on the Liberal’s Bill, at a time when he was negotiating with them about the possibility of a short-term lease of the electricity assets, with the issue of privatisation being put to the people at the next election. Those negotiations broke down and he voted against the privatisation – the right thing to do. You can view or download Hansard showing the vote on the privatisation Bill and the remarks Nick made here.

ETSA Privatisation2

More Details:

(10 Jun 1999) Electricity Corporations (Restructuring and Disposal) Bill Hansard

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