Nick Isn't Against Live Music


Nick Xenophon and SA-BEST will kill the live music industry.


SA-BEST would actually give South Australia's live music industry a big boost with an additional $5 million over the next four years under its live music policy.

Currently, $850,000 is allocated annually from pokies revenue for the live music industry, but there are widespread concerns the fund does not go anywhere near far enough in supporting live music and emerging local talent.

The additional $5 million will be spent - based on grassroots industry feedback and consultation - on a range of initiatives including:

  • Encouraging emerging bands and live gigs in schools;
  • Cross-promotion of new bands on social media and music radio stations, and;
  • Mentoring and training programs for musicians, songwriters and band promoters.

And in a move that clearly challenges unfounded AHA claims against SA-BEST that its policies would cost musos jobs, the fund will hit those pokies venues making super profits that have little or no live music at their venues.

This fund will have a formula that requires those venues with little or no live music to contribute the $1.25m a year in extra funding, with bigger, high profit venues paying more. If the venues decide the genuinely take on more musos - especially with original material - then they won't have to pay.

More Details:

(2018) SA-BEST's Live Music Policy

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