Nick Isn't Against Free Trade


Nick Xenophon and SA-BEST are against Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).


  • SA-BEST strongly supports well-negotiated Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that are in Australia’s national interests.
  • Free Trade Agreements should be looked at on their individual merits, with independent analysis of the costs and benefits.
  • All too often, FTAs have been signed and ratified by Australian Governments with insufficient analysis and a lack of subsequent evaluation of the actual performance of such agreements.
  • The Productivity Commission has found predictions of growth and jobs for FTAs have been exaggerated, ignoring many of the costs and unemployment impacts here in Australia.
  • Australian National University research shows the benefits of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement were greatly over-rated and that the agreement may have had net economic downsides for Australia through its impacts on other trade relationships.
  • SA-BEST strongly supports Australia’s primary producers and encourages increasing opportunities for global export markets.
  • SA-BEST backs Australian-made and Australian manufacturing, and wants our manufacturers to be given preference in procurement processes at all levels of government.

While FTAs are technically a Federal issue, the above dot-points are SA-BEST position on the matter.

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