Nick Has Made a Difference


Nick hasn't done anything during his time in politics. 


A list of some of Nick's achievements can be found here.

In regards to pokies specifically, Nick has said the following:

"Critics from the Liberal and Labor parties say I haven’t been able to do enough on gambling reform – particularly on pokies. The hypocrisy of such statements is breathtaking, because it has been the major parties that have thwarted, at every turn, the reforms that the community wants on gambling.

"My push for $1 bets, phasing out pokies from pubs and clubs, getting rid of ATMs from gaming venues, and even a referendum to phase out pokies, have all been thwarted by the major parties in both the SA and Federal Parliaments.

"But, despite the vehement campaign against reform, fuelled by big pokies operators and their representative associations, there has been some progress, including a culling of machines in the early 2000s (approximately 2000 machines were taken out of the system), blocking moves to introduce note acceptors into pokies (which would make the machines much more addictive), pushing for additional rehab funding, and having a watchdog role and advocacy service for victims, have all helped in some way to reduce the impact of the damage.

"But a lot more still needs to be done, here’s the SA-BEST Gambling Reform Policy. It also includes measures to tackle online gambling where, at a Federal level, my colleagues and I were successful in banning credit betting recently.

"Predatory gambling reform will always be a key issue for me – it’s a litmus test of good government. If a government is prepared to balance its books off the backs of the vulnerable and the addicted, then it has lost sight of what’s really important."

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