Shop trading hours

SA-BEST’S priorities include: 

  • SA-BEST does not support deregulation of retail trading hours in SA. 
  • SA-BEST supports the small independent retailers in South Australia. We support the little guy against the big end of town.

That is why we will not support any move to deregulate shop trading hours, including trading hours for car dealers, in South Australia.

Any move to deregulate shop trading hours would devastate small and medium-sized businesses, including independent stores like IGA, that take advantage of big supermarkets having to close early on weekends and open late on Sunday.

The policy proposed by the Liberal Party is an aggressive push by the big end of town that would force out small independent retailers.

The retail market pie remains the same and deregulation would only serve to re-slice it. It just gets redistributed.

South Australian independent retailers enjoy stronger local support than any other state with over thirty per cent of the market share. SA-BEST stands with our independent retailers.

Deregulation only favours Coles, Woolworths and Aldi at the expense of South Australia’s proud local fruit and veg, butchers, bakers, independent supermarket business and other locally owned general retailers. It threatens the viability of smaller operators who are the lifeblood of our community.

We believe it is important to support local independent business and SA-BEST is proud to stand alongside them.