Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST was registered as a political party under the South Australian Electoral Act 1985 on 04/07/2017.

Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST was incorporated under the South Australia Associations Incorporation Act 1985 on 27 February 2017. Incorporation Number: A43253. ABN: 77 463 849 862

The associations constitution can be viewed here.


The members of the association consist of:

  • Parliamentary Member (Nick Xenophon)
  • Voting Members (Nick Xenophon, Connie Bonaros)*
  • Supporter Members

Management Committee

The current Management Committee voting members are:

  • Convenor (Nick Xenophon)
  • Secretary (Connie Bonaros)
  • Treasurer (Connie Bonaros)

The Management Committee is responsible for the management and stewardship of the Association. The day-to-day operation of the Association is managed by the campaign team - Connie Bonaros, Shane Coghlan, Natan Griff, Frank Pangallo.


Branches were first established by the Management Committee in May 2017. Contact the Campaign Office on 08 8545 0400 for details on your closest branch.


The Association auditors are Ashmans Group.


To contact a member of the Management Committee please use the contact form on this website.


* SA-BEST candidates elected in March 2018 will become voting members, per the associations rules.

Authorised by C. Bonaros 653 Lwr Nth East Rd Paradise 5075