It's Time For Real Change

Our state has been going backwards for far too long. Employment collapsing, government charges skyrocketing, our health and child protection systems in crisis, power prices through the roof - and more and more people - especially young South Australians -  deciding to leave the state.

Voters have had an awful choice between a government that deserves to lose, and an opposition that doesn’t deserve to win.

Until now.

This election, for the very first time, South Australians have a real choice.  A choice that will deliver positive change and finally bring back government to the people.

SA-BEST, unlike the others, isn’t shackled by blind ideology, political factions or vested interests. We're about delivering practical solutions to our state's many problems.

We are ready to work with anyone who has SA's best interests at heart.

SA-BEST will be relentless in:
  • Ensuring responsible, transparent and accountable government
  • Making our essential services accountable, reliable and affordable
  • Ensuring efficient delivery of health and community services
  • Revitalising our economy and give our kids a solid future
  • Making SA the most desirable place in Australia to live and work

Join with us to help transform our state for the better. Nick has made the big decision to step up and lead the SA-BEST team in the state election campaign. With your support SA-BEST candidates elected to parliament can bring about real change that SA desperately needs. Real change you can trust.

Here is Nick's announcement on why real change is needed in SA:

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Our candidates can be found here.

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