SA-BEST welcomes Hutt St Centre’s improvement plan

31 January 2019

SA-BEST today threw its full support behind the Hutt St Centre’s decision to remain at its current location and undertake improvements to the iconic site. 

The organisation’s long-term future at the site in Hutt St in the city has been under a cloud following concerns over anti-social behaviour in the area – much of it wrongly blamed on people who use the facility.

A working party was formed to review the Centre’s business operations and to investigate whether to stay at the current location or relocate elsewhere.

SA-BEST MLCs Connie Bonaros and Frank Pangallo said today they supported the Centre’s decision to remain put “110 per cent”.

“The Hutt St Centre is a wonderful organisation that has been playing an outstanding role in the community helping homeless people and those less fortunate than most for more than six decades,” said Connie, SA-BEST’s Housing and Social Inclusion spokesperson.

“It’s decision to stay at its current site and upgrade its in-demand facilities have our total and unequivocal support,” she said.

“SA-BEST will work with the government and Adelaide City Council to ensure the Centre gets the necessary support it requires to ensure it meets the growing needs of helping and supporting our homeless people.”

Frank said the improvements planned for the Centre will ease the concerns of people who wanted it moved to another location.

“The inspiring work the Hutt St Centre does is well documented, and as such, its decision to stay where it has been for the past 65 years deserves the full support of the entire community – government, council, traders, local residents and the broader community at large,” Frank said.

“I hope too that local traders and residents continue to get behind the Centre – like they have for many years – and the vital role it plays,” he said.

“Much has been said about the downturn of business on Hutt St – much of which has been levelled at the Centre’s clients.

“My view is that the entire length of Hutt St needs to be revitalised – a point of difference to other parts of the CBD - to give people a reason to want to go there. 

“SA-BEST will consult with local traders and residents to hear from them about what they believe the precinct needs to rejuvenate itself.”

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