SA-BEST pushes for MP Code of Conduct

26 July 2020

SA-BEST will push to have a Code of Conduct for MPs introduced “as a matter of urgency”. 

SA-BEST MLC and Treasury and Budget spokesperson, Frank Pangallo, said he will seek to have a Parliamentary Select Committee established after the winter recess to develop the code. 

His move follows today’s resignation of three Liberal Government Ministers following serious questions being raised about their conduct. 

Frank will also push to have Ministerial diaries disclosed so there is more transparency and openness about who Ministers meet with and which organisations are lobbying them. 

“The current scandal gripping the Marshall Liberal Government is ample evidence why this state needs a Code of Conduct for politicians as a matter of urgency,” Frank said. 

“There are eight other political jurisdictions in Australia with a Code of Conduct for its MPs – why has the SA Parliament been so reluctant to have one for all these years,” he said. 

“There have been far too many instances like this over the years and the taxpayers of South Australian have had enough, and rightly so. 

“Scandals like this also greatly diminish the reputation of the Parliament and the many hard-working MPs in it who are doing the right thing. 

“It’s little wonder politicians in this country continue to have such a low standing in the community when time and time again, some are caught out for not meeting community expectations. 

“We need to do better - we need to lift the bar – so that Parliament attracts the right calibre of people and the taxpayers that fund our politicians see genuine value in the work the Parliament does.” 

Frank said it was disappointing the three Ministers took so long to “see the writing on the wall”. 

“They should have handed in their resignations the moment they knew their behaviour was below what the community expects,” Frank said. 

“As a collective, I hope I will have the full support of the government, the Opposition and the crossbench in supporting a Code of Conduct for MPs,” he said. 

“We need to clean up our act – and fast!”

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