Prominent city strip club ordered to remove offensive advertising screen after SA-BEST intervention

31 January 2019

A prominent city strip club has been ordered by Adelaide City Council to remove an offending advertising screen following a complaint by SA-BEST MLC, Frank Pangallo, about its lurid content.

Frank wrote to Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor and Council management last week complaining about the risqué advertisement being screened on a monitor outside The Firm Gentlemen’s Establishment on North Terrace, opposite the railway station.

A subsequent investigation by the Council found the advertising cabinet containing the offending screen had encroached on public footpath and gave the business owner a deadline of 6 February to move it back inside their own boundary.

The offending screen was removed earlier this week.

“I commend the council on its swift action regarding the advertising screen on North Terrace,” Frank said.

“However, I find it surprising the breach wasn’t picked up a lot sooner by council inspectors given the screen has been in place for nearly 10 years,” he said.

“While it has no power to regulate advertising content at business premises, the Council confirmed to me that it had received eight complaints about this establishment and its advertising content since 2012.

“I will now consider making amendments to development laws so that any advertising is taken into consideration in the application and approval process.

“My concern was that this smutty advertising cabinet had no place being in a public space and now Council has confirmed this.

“I note that since I first raised the matter, this business has ceased running the soft-porn video advertising and instead, starting using less provocative still images of its talent – until the screen was dismantled.

“I have nothing against The Firm or the women who work there and what they do for a living, but if they want to show crude images like that, do it inside the premises - not in full view of young children and diners at the adjoining Parlamento bistro.

“While my objection seemed to raise the ire only of men and some cynical male media commentators who hadn’t even seen the video, I am gratified that many women came out in support of my actions.”

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