15 March 2018

The Electoral Commissioner of South Australia (ECSA) has taken stern action against a suburban hotel found to have circulated a letter that is “misleading to a material extent”.

The Commissioner has demanded the letter – distributed by the Lonsdale Hotel, in Adelaide’s southern suburbs –to immediately stop being circulated as it constitutes an electoral advertisement under 112 of the Electoral Act and, more importantly, is misleading to a material extent under section 113 of the Act.

SA-BEST complained to the Electoral Commissioner after it received a copy of a letter that was being distributed to customers of the Lonsdale Hotel. 

The letter made a number of false and misleading claims regarding SA-BEST leader, Nick Xenophon, and SA-BEST, and encouraged people to vote against the party at the upcoming election. 

As a result of the breach, the Electoral Commission has requested that the Lonsdale Hotel cease distributing the letter immediately and that a retraction be published via the same means as the original letter - and also displayed prominently throughout the hotel.

“The decision of the Electoral Commission is further proof that the campaigns being run against me and SA-BEST are lies, and I welcome today’s findings,” said Nick.

“This should send a clear message to the AHA that its expensive campaign to try and derail SA-BEST in a bid to protect its  own personal interests, as well as the political duopoly which they have financially supported,  has been caught out,” he said.

“SA-BEST looks forward to seeing the public apology and the public correction being appropriately displayed and distributed.

“The Electoral Commission’s determination should be a clear message to all South Australian voters to be careful of the exiting fear campaigns being driven by groups such as the AHA.

“This just further proves that the multimillion dollar scare campaigns are being exposed for the bull that they are.

“The AHA should hang its head in shame for misleading ALL South Australians with the unsubstantiated lies and accusations it has thrown at SA-BEST in its pathetic attempts to protects its own interests, and that of its members.

“A study by the independent and respected Adelaide University’s SA Centre for Economic Studies found that for every $1 million spent on poker machines, only three jobs were created - compared to more than double that for every $1 million spent on retail, and double again for jobs created in hospitality, cafes, fast food and restaurants.

For every $100 million not spent on poker machines but spent on retail goods, there would be 300 to 350 additional jobs in retail and more than double that in hospitality, cafes, restaurants and other small business."

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Edited Letter 1

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