12 March 2018

Former ALP Speaker of the House of Assembly and current Mayor of West Torrens, John Trainer, has expressed his personal regret for voting for the introduction of pokies with the Labor government in 1992.

In a video, Mr. Trainer says the ALP "foolishly" agreed to allow pokies after the Australian Hotels Association approached the government "crying poverty."

"We foolishly agreed to allow them to have poker machines in hotels, when we should have really kept them in community clubs," he says.

"I've seen the poverty they've caused. The misery they've caused, and now I see the amount of money-obscene amounts of money- they're (AHA) spending to protect their position.

"However you vote on March 17, don't be influenced by the Australian Hotels Association. Don't listen to them as we foolishly did."

SA-BEST leader, Nick Xenophon, said Mr. Trainer willingly approached SA-BEST to make his feelings known about the AHA's campaign and pokies.

"This is an extraordinary statement of regret by one of the ALP's most respected figures. Yet both Labor and the Liberals are still happy to take donations from the AHA," Nick said.

Poker machines began operating in SA in July, 1994. There are currently 12,210 machines in 510 pubs and clubs.

You can read SA-BEST's Gambling Reform Policy here.

Former ALP Speaker of the House of Assembly and current Mayor of West Torrens, John Trainer, has expressed his personal...

Posted by Nick Xenophon on Sunday, 11 March 2018

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