Consumers deserve the best fuel price scheme

20 July 2020

New figures released today by SA-BEST MLC, Frank Pangallo, and Independent MP, Frances Bedford, show the State Government’s fuel price scheme is not the best to deliver stable and lower prices for Adelaide motorists. 

Frank and Frances have co-sponsored a fuel watch scheme they believe is far superior to a system being proposed by the State Government. 

The centrepiece of the proposed new laws is a capped 24-hour period – from 6am every day – when a petrol station will not be able to alter its bowser price compared with the State Government’s proposal which offers only a 30-minute notice of a price change. 

“Brisbane petrol prices remain the most expensive in the country, yet the government wants to introduce Queensland’s failed scheme,” Ms Bedford said. 

“By contrast, the proven true real-time Perth model - Fuel Watch - delivers prices more than 10 cents per litre lower. SA motorists deserve better than the government’s second-best scheme,” she said. 

Frank said: “Record profits are being made, and the model the government has chosen does not go far enough to give motorists access to the cheapest fuel. 

“With clear evidence Adelaide motorists can save at least $300 a year, we need the right scheme for SA - not a proven failure imported from the eastern seaboard that won’t suit our local market.” 

The Fuel Watch scheme includes a 24-hour price guarantee and is modelled on a system that has operated in WA for 20 years. 

If only a third of motorists take advantage of the proposed Fuel Watch scheme, total yearly savings would amount to $75 million a year based on Australian Competition and Consumer Commission data. 

“The crossbench agrees with Frances Bedford and is determined to make sure this Parliament delivers - bringing down cost of living pressures and putting money back in people’s pockets,” Frank said. 

Frank will be moving amendments to the government Bill in the Upper House, while Ms Bedford will be moving the Fuel Watch Bill again in the Lower House. 

If the State Government does not agree to the crossbench proposal, the legislation will likely deadlock.

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