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Its time that SA gets the BEST!   Labor has overseen chaos and cover-up, and the Liberals have been ineffective in holding them to account.

I have personally seen so much 'dodgy' party politics tied up with vested interests, that I have decided to run for the seat of Waite in the March 2018 state elections. 

My family and I moved to Waite 14 years ago due to its great people, lifestyle, beautiful environment and connection to both the city and regions. These are things that I would like to see maintained and enhanced. I'm a Chartered Engineer and director of an energy consultancy, and have experience running large infrastructure and manufacturing projects. I have a strong interest and  experience in sustainability, music, community and sport. My wife is a nurse and my daughters are involved in science and the arts, so I'm used to a bit of diversity! You can see more about me on my profile.

My top priority is honest, open, accountable governance in the public's BEST interest. If elected, I will work hard for increased reliability, quality and affordability of energy, health, education and other matters as listed below.

I am asking for the enormous privilege of representing you in parliament, so I’m keen to know what you want. If you would like to discuss any issues and/or get involved, please feel free to contact me on graham.davies@sabest.org.au or 0468 830 413. 

I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to Waite and South Australia becoming a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable society.

BEST wishes,


Graham Davies
SA-BEST Candidate for Waite

P.S.  If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great.  Call or email me or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on 8545 0400.

f: Events in Waite

Got something to say? Contact Graham Davies

Local Events - YOU can take part!

  • 10Feb
    People Power and PolitiX
    Mitcham Cultural Village

    What: Meet Nick Xenophon and Graham Davies to discuss issues in SA and Waite
    Who: Anyone watts in Waite
    When: Anytime between 11am and 3pm.
    Nick will be there from 1pm.
    - Have a solar powered chilled beer and a bite
    - Discuss community power, electricity prices and plans. (Graham is an experienced energy engineer)
    - Discuss key policies - open, honest, accountable government
    - Chat about education, infrastructure,

    Graham is the Candidate for Waite; Nick is ...well...lets just say he's preferred Premier!

  • 15Feb
    Australian Energy Storage Leadership Series
    226 Greenhill Rd

    Graham will be representing SA-BEST on energy principles, examples and some policy.

    This event is organised by the Clean Energy Council, and tickets/registration is done on their website.

    Graham is Chartered Engineer, Fellow of Engineers Australia and has his own energy consultancy. He has been on many panels including the Governor's Leadership program and the community ESCOSA committee and presented at resources, energy and sustainability conferences across Australia.




What Matters in Waite Includes:


Rebuild trust in politics through increased transparency, accountability and only promising what can be delivered.  We will strive for broader ICAC powers and make sure senior public servants are answerable to the Parliament.


I believe it is possible to significantly reduce power prices simply through far greater transparency and legislation that eliminates gouging and market manipulation. We need a watchdog with teeth and as a start ensure separation between retailer and generator, and progressively take back control of essential services.  A specific initiative we wish to see is that of community power projects, where a finance mechanism is implemented to support those needing financial support. This includes using solar power, battery storage and energy efficiency management.


Maintain and enhance the environment including upgrades to open spaces, connecting parklands and reserves. That way the community can benefit from these natural assets – which will also attract visitors and grow real jobs. Australia currently produces 1.8% of global emissions from only 0.3% of the population. As a wealthy nation it is imperative that nationally we play our part. We will do what we can to challenge the dysfunctional Turnbull/Abbott Government to fullfill its legal and ethical responsibility


Developing a comprehensive transport plan that looks at the integration of vehicles, trains, buses and cyclists. The current temporary Blackwood Roundabout fails to address how to reduce Belair and Blackwood as a traffic thoroughfare. The ever-increasing risk of bushfires needs to be central to this plan along with traffic congestion and safety.


The long overdue issues need addressing such as the upgrade required at the Blackwood Shopping precinct, a community swimming pool and easy access to health services, plus a number of other initiatives by the Mitcham Council.


Support business through sourcing local produce, attracting visitors, removing unnecessary hurdles, developing niche business and improving accessibility. I would also like to see a centre that includes a brew pub which show cases for hills craft beer, wine and gin and other produce.


There are many other local and state issues like jobs, education, law and order, small business and the cost of living to name a few. All of this is possible, but as a priority, we have to have open, honest and accountable government. The culture of chaos and coverup must stop and it requires a strong watchdog. I undertake that I personally will continue my track record in calling secret deals out. See FB graham4waite for specific details.

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