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My name is Anthony Olivier and I’m the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Unley in the State election on March 17.

I am committed to the passionate representation of Unley and to bring positive outcomes to South Australia. As the proud father of newly-born daughter I want a state with growth to drive the jobs for our next generation.

SA-BEST is about real change you can trust. Nick Xenophon has a strong track record of fighting for South Australians and a positive vision for SA to have a parliament that works harder for its people, to have open and honest government, and to bring fresh ideas and measured change to a state that has been dominated by party politics and interest groups.

After 25 years of the same party in Unley, and 12 years of the same member we can’t really expect to achieve any more. We know that major parties take safe seats for granted, and they miss out on funds for key local projects.

I grew up working in a family business wholesaling fruit and vegetables in the historic East End and Pooraka markets. I am pro-business and pro-jobs. I understand the challenges and risks of running small enterprises and will fight to help businesses be more competitive.

Professionally, I have had many years of international government and large corporate advisory experience within SA, the UK and the US in the areas of Education & Training, Health, Treasury & Finance, Social Services, and Infrastructure. If elected, I would be hands-on in offering objective advice in the Parliament, combined with grassroots local representation.

I believe an SA-BEST candidate for Unley is the only choice for a strong voice for our community

SA-BEST is challenging the major parties as never before, so we can expect lots of misleading material. We invite you to visit our website, or to speak with me in person, to see for yourself!

I hope to meet you soon, hear your questions, concerns and suggestions on how we can work to make Unley and our state a better place! Please feel free to contact me at anthony.olivier@sabest.org.au or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

All the best!

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Anthony Olivier - SA-BEST Candidate for Unley

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

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My Focus

Traffic Flow & Safety

There's a need to better manage the increasing flow of traffic, the adequacy of pedestrian crossings, and the safety of our cycling community. There’s been no integrated plan or overall strategy for roads in the electorate. I’m committed to make sure changes, so that the community gets its fair share of essential infrastructure and improvements.

Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens need to be respected, valued, and protected by reviewing policies for aged care, rising cost pressures, and the provision of support services to assist people into retirement or aged care. There needs to be a better transition from retirement villages to nursing homes.

Planning Laws

Local planning laws require a balanced approach where heritage, green space and housing density standards are adequately protected to ensure projects contribute to the community as well as our economy. Development is necessary, but it must be in areas that are appropriate and supported by nearby residents. The state government’s changes to planning laws have stripped away the ability of communities and councils to prevent inappropriate high-rise developments. We need to restore that balance of local communities and councils having an appropriate say.


We need to ensure there are sufficient local school placements together with the necessary funding and infrastructure to meet the current and future requirements of the electorate. The increase in population density in the electorate has caused some schools not to have enough places for new students. That needs to be remedied with appropriate advanced planning, so locals aren’t forced to have their children go to schools outside their area.

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