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My name is Gary Johanson and I'm running for SA-BEST in the seat of Port Adelaide at the coming state election.

I’ve made this decision because Labor has turned its back on its heartland and the rudderless Liberals have been missing in action.

Since being elected as the Mayor of Port Adelaide, it has been my mission to see this historic area once again become an economic powerhouse and the commercial centre of our state through maritime industries, like shipbuilding, freight transport, tourism and commercial fishing.

Sitting ALP member, Susan Close, is now front and centre of the TAFE SA scandal that has impacted so many students. The state government has reduced TAFE’s presence in Port Adelaide at a time when it needs to be dramatically boosted so we have enough skilled workers to meet the demands of the multi-billion dollar, Future Frigate and submarine programs. I will be fighting hard to have TAFE services restored, along with providing more assistance for the valuable training programs delivered by the not-for-profit Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy.

Another matter we should all be alarmed about is the impending threat to our pristine Gulf St. Vincent. Labor’s living up to its toxic reputation with plans to dump, through stealth, up to 2.4 million tonnes of potentially poisonous waste dredged from the Port River, putting the gulf’s fishing and aquaculture industries at serious risk.

And let’s not forget that Labor was responsible for the Gillman land deal debacle which cost you, the taxpayer, millions of dollars. It is time to stop these cozy, secret deals with developers and put the interests of our community first.

Other issues I will prioritise if elected include; tackling crime, high youth unemployment, improving aged care, substance abuse, upgrading sport and recreational facilities, and cleaning up the Port’s derelict and dilapidated areas.

I would like to get your ideas and hear the matters that concern you the most, so feel free to call me direct or email me. 

With your vote for SA-BEST, we can be part of an exciting re-birth of the Port.

You can email me at gary.johanson@sabest.org.au or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

With Best Wishes, 

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Gary Johanson - SA-BEST Candidate for Port Adelaide

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.


Got something to say? Contact Gary Johanson

Some of the issues in Port Adelaide that need action:

Save Our Gulf!

I’m going to fight tooth-and-nail to stop any secret government plans to dump millions of tonnes of potentially toxic waste, taken out of the Port River, into Gulf St. Vincent. The last time it happened, sea beds were bleached and fishing stocks were devastated, affecting the fragile Gulf ecosystems.

Skilled job creation and training

With billions of dollars of defence projects in the works, we need to capitalise on the job opportunities that will flow from these projects. SA-BEST will fight to expand and improve vocational training facilities, including TAFE. The TAFE scandal, under Minister Close’s watch, is completely unacceptable. Fixing the vocational training mess will be a key priority.

Youth unemployment

The number of jobless and unemployed in our community, particularly young jobseekers, is among the highest in the nation. We will work to make youth unemployment a priority and do more to get them into the workforce by creating vocational pathways, and working with local businesses to achieve long-term employment outcomes. 

Health and aged care

Health facilities and treatment for mental health patients need urgent attention, and our public hospital waiting lists are just too long. The downgrading of the QEH by Labor has been a bitter blow to our community. I will fight to restore and improve key services. And with the Port’s ageing population, improved aged care and more accommodation are a must.


Public transport and public

Improved parking facilities for the Port, including at the new railway station, is a must, for both communities and local businesses. My job, if elected, would be to give high priority to solving this problem, once and for all, with adequate parking facilities.

I welcome your feedback. If there are issues you are concerned about, please let me know.


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