My name is Raj Vasan and I am honoured to be SA-BEST’s candidate for the seat of Newland.

I was born and raised in India, but I was made in Australia. I’ve been part of the SA community as a migrant, a woman, a single mother and a charity worker. I have worked in hospitality, tourism, arts and sports. In the not-for-profit sector, I worked in disability, with disengaged youth, and now as CEO of a national sporting charity. I have wide range of real-life experiences and Ihave my finger on the community pulse.

I’m a true local - having lived in Newland for many years - and I experience the pressures that you do. As part of the SA-BEST team, with Nick Xenophon, I want to tackle high power prices, unacceptable waiting times at the Modbury Hospital, the TAFE debacle, and the damage caused by substance abuse. I also want our young people to have a future in our state, instead of leaving it. That’s why I support our small and medium business – the engines of South Australian growth.

Entering politics is neither safe nor popular. Now, I want to do something about all the concerns I feel and hear within my community. SA-BEST is committed to making a positive difference. It’s also my way of thanking my adopted country; an opportunity to give back to the community that has protected, celebrated and nurtured me all these years, and made me who I am today.

People don’t want politicians in an ivory tower. They want someone they can talk to. Someone they can relate to. Being optimistic is only the half of it. South Australians are sick of talk and good intentions. My entry into politics is guided by the values I try to live by every day. That’s why I would value your support to represent you in parliament to make Newland and SA the very best it can be.

I would love to meet with you, and if you would like to get involved as a volunteer or campaign supporter, you can email me at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Sincerely yours,


Raj Vasan - SA-BEST Candidate for Newland

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400. 

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My Focus for Newland

Retail and jobs

We want to develop a hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship in Newland. We need to support our small to medium enterprises, the engines of the South Australian economy. A hub will have the opportunity to update, innovate and collaborate in a dynamic environment to grow skills and jobs. We need to think big!


In Newland, participation in education has dropped dramatically in recent years. There is a lack of updated curriculum, relevance to current employment opportunities, and a growing disconnect in teaching methodologies to engage students. We have witnessed a humiliating decline in the services of TAFE SA's Tea Tree Gully Campus. Education and vocational training are key priorities for me. 


The Labor Government’s ‘Transforming Health’ has been a disaster for the Modbury Hospital. Now they expect us to believe them by finding money at the last minute for a ‘band-aid’ solution. We need to restore the high dependency unit and services that have been cut. Waiting times for surgery are just deplorable and must be reduced.


Newland has the potential to become an arts hub to get people to achieve their creative potential and allow them to better understand each other, and overcome social and economic barriers.

Substance abuse

The ‘ice’ epidemic is a serious issue that deserves urgent outcomes. Well-funded rehabilitation programs (including mandatory rehabilitation in certain circumstances) are required to prevent permanent disability from the effects of addiction. We also need a culture change to minimise addiction in the first place.

Energy prices & cost of living

Electricity prices in SA are amongst the highest in the world. SA-BEST’s energy plan is all about getting prices down with more reliable supply and greater competition.

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