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My name is Sam Davies. I am a proud South Australian who believes SA has all the ingredients to be the greatest state in the nation.

I am married with a stepson and a three year old puppy, and I’m from a sixth generation farming family in the northern Yorke Peninsula area. I currently work as an agronomist in the southern Yorke Peninsula areas, and worked in the northern areas for a decade prior. I’ve worked and travelled abroad and have lived with my wife and family at Wallaroo for the past five years.

With your vote, I will fight for you and your interests. I’ll work with Nick Xenophon and his team to abolish stamp duty on income protection products for farmers. I’ll fight for better health services and infrastructure, more resources for palliative care, and I will work with my federal colleagues to improve access to My Aged Care packages.

To create more jobs I want to see a better environment for small business, as well as better roads, safer intersections, more reliable mobile phone reception and internet coverage, and more affordable power and services.

We need more leisure activities for our kids, because busy kids having fun don’t have time for drugs.

I’ve also admired the painted silos in other locations, and I’d like to see ours painted too. 

When I heard that Nick Xenophon was returning to state politics I started to believe there was hope for real, positive change. I got excited about the prospects of a better future. I read the SA-BEST policies, and I met the SA-BEST team. I made a decision based on the people and the policies, and I hope you will too.

As the candidate for SA-BEST I hope to meet as many of my fellow Narungga citizens as I can to discuss the issues and problems in our electorate and hear about the ideas that I know many of you have. This election is our election, it’s our chance to put our hands up and say, “Hey, have you thought of this?” I hope everyone in the electorate will feel comfortable to raise ideas with me. 

You can contact me at, or simply call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 to have a chat or arrange a meeting.

I’m excited to help turn this election on its head and to put Narungga on the SA political map.

Best Wishes,

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Sam Davies - SA-BEST Candidate for Narungga

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

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Some of the issues that need real action...

Roads and Dangerous Intersections

Regional roads need a fully budgeted and appropriately costed ongoing maintenance plan. As an electorate we are tired of seeing very little work done on our deteriorating roads and then a flurry of last-minute activity prior to an election. Most of us have concerns about the new Federation roundabout, and we want safer main roads suitable for 110km/hr. 

Phone and Internet Reception

Reception dead spots are a problem in our electorate. We need more mobile phone towers, or “tower sharing” by providers to get more coverage, more efficiently. Regional South Australia is isolated enough, and we need better connectivity for health, business and services, as well as for social considerations and mental health.

Regional Health and Infrastructure

During 16 years of Labor, regional hospitals and services have been neglected. We need better health infrastructure and better appropriation of funding. We need less bureaucracy and smarter solutions to maintain our hospitals and health services. We need increased palliative care funding, so that people can stay in their own homes for longer in their last days. Our ageing citizens need faster access to My Aged Care plans, reducing the pressure on our hospitals and nursing homes. 


Abolish stamp duty on income protection and MPCI for farmers. Farmers deserve representation/consultation on decisions that affect them. 

The Arts

We need to create incentives for arts in the regions.

Political Education

Compulsory voting means all students need to be educated about our state and federal political systems. 

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