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Let's Make Morphett Matter!

I'm Simon Jones, and if you're fed up with the broken state of politics in South Australia, here's your chance to make a real difference. 

Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST Party may be new, but we are ready to change the political scene in South Australia forever and for the better!  

My reason for getting involved with SA-BEST is that I have lived in Glenelg for 21 years and love the community here. My wife and I walk along our beautiful beach daily, and we ran a successful mobile phone business on Jetty Rd for 7 years.

I arrived in SA, from Tasmania in 1979. This was an era when SA enjoyed international status in the areas of social justice, arts, manufacturing, community spirit and productivity. Well, what happened?

The Morphett seat has been held by the Libs since 1979 – they have had more than enough time to do something helpful!

I am standing for this election to help rewrite Morphett's political fortunes, and will start by injecting energy and enthusiasm into resolving the immediate needs of Morphett residents.

I have a background in assisting disadvantaged people, and in working with small and large companies to solve their business needs.

I have already met with a considerable number of residents and community organisations, and look forward to meeting you. I will be holding coffee catch-ups, knocking on doors and attending events in the area over coming weeks and months.

You can be part of making Morphett Matter by c contacting me via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Best Wishes,

S Jones Friendly

Simon Jones - SA-BEST Candidate for Morphett

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Got something to say? Contact Simon Jones

Issues that matter in Morphett include:

Commercial Precincts

Revitalisation of Jetty Rd shopping precinct and other suburban shopping strips in Morphett will boost local jobs. I will push for regular events throughout the length of Jetty Rd (not just the Moseley Sq end). This will include promoting the side streets, lanes, use of pathways, quality buskers and activities.

Development Transparency and Accountability

There is a problem with inappropriate building development decisions including lack of transparency and consistency. Planning guidelines are interpreted too liberally by Councils with limited justification required. Limited weight appears to be given to resident concerns.


Traffic Congestion

Streets surrounding Jetty Rd are regularly congested and parking a nightmare, and there are many other streets such as Gordon St/Partridge St that have become thoroughfares due to congestion on major arterials like Marion Rd and Brighton Rd. Existing car parking access needs to be promoted and improved.

Community Safety

The hardworking Police at Glenelg have had their staffing numbers and hours of opening significantly cut. Office Hours are now Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm, but it is closed Sat, Sun and Public Holidays. This is a ridiculous arrangement and servicing from Sturt is not good enough. My priority is to have a 24/7 police presence at Glenelg.

Storm Water

We need to ensure that all councils co-operate fully in managing the increase in storm water arising from higher density dwelling approvals. I will work hard to ensure that stormwater does not contribute to street flooding, is harvested better and returned to the aquifer.

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