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I’m James Sadler and I love living in the rich diversity that is offered by the seat of Morialta.

I’m your SA-BEST candidate in the March 17 election and you can count on me to get things done! I’m standing because politics in SA is broken. It’s not ‘fit for purpose’ because it’s no longer representing the people. SA-BEST is all about breaking the Liberal/Labor duopoly with a choice from the common-sense centre.

I grew up in Elizabeth and went to Blackfriars Priory School and UniSA at Salisbury, before we moved to Uraidla so my daughter could grow up near her grandparents.

As a qualified and experienced teacher and educator, I am passionate about my community with a particular emphasis on the wellbeing and learning opportunities of younger South Australians.

I have regularly been a member of various sporting and community clubs in my life and revel at the opportunity to become even more immersed in life in Morialta.

Morialta has some distinct differences and needs. From the urban challenges facing the residents of Rostrevor, Athelstone and Highbury to the more rural issues in need of redress in the Torrens Valley and elsewhere.

There is growing anger over health provision offered by Modbury Hospital, which once offered excellent facilities. That has changed and there is confusion over what is offered there and people have to wait for hours to get a diagnosis let alone any treatment after they are transferred to another hospital – that is not good enough.

I’m keenly proud of the role sporting clubs play in communities. SA-BEST will support local sporting clubs, including Eastern United Football Club and their co-tenants Athelstone SC, in their pursuit of State Government funding for improvements to their grounds and clubrooms.

Mobile phone coverage - especially in the bushfire season – and improvements to transport infrastructure are other key issues for SA-BEST in the next parliament. Targeted sealing of roads needs to be rolled out for the sake of people’s livelihoods in places such as Croft Road in Lenswood and along the dirt road from Coldstore Road to Anderson Hill. The dust has destroyed over one hectare of local vines and the Labor Government has refused to fix the problem.

SA-BEST will work with local councils to find a solution; all part of our focus to support local businesses and jobs. I am very excited about the opportunity to represent Morialta in the State’s next parliament and to support you. I hope you will support me.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Best wishes,

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James Sadler - SA-BEST Candidate for Morialta

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

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My focus in Morialta

Energy - supply and pricing relief

Power prices are too high. SA-BEST’s energy plan is all about getting prices down with more reliable supply and greater competition.

We need to prioritise relief mechanisms for low income earners and the elderly particularly.

We should support local South Australian energy innovation companies and ensure their greater widespread uptake. Within the framework of state parliament, we should work more co-operatively with the federal government to achieve a better energy deal for South Australia.

'Joined up thinking'

We need to advocate for better planning laws and mechanisms for community input to ensure sustainable development. Many residents of Morialta are facing the prospect of a crumbling water infrastructure because they are not served by SA Water. There should be consideration for these residents to have access to the capital funding and expertise of a significant engineering solution that is denied to them.

Infrastructure improvements

We need to address the quality of roads in Morialta to ensure safety for both residents and those travelling into or through our region. There needs to be special attention given to ensure visibility and awareness on our roads via signage and, where practicable, lighting.

We need to ensure safety and quality of life in our rural areas through mindful management of unsealed roads.

Sporting and community upgrades

We have committed to upgrading the clubrooms and facilities at the Athelstone Recreation Reserve currently tenanted by Eastern United and Athelstone soccer clubs. We need to support local South Australian sporting and community clubs in their efforts to encourage a lifelong participation in meaningful physical activity.


The Labor Government’s ‘Transforming Health’ has been a disaster, and has impacted on our public hospital, with longer waiting times for elective surgery and emergency departments struggling to cope. SA-BEST wants a Royal Commission into health to reveal what’s gone wrong, and why, and make sure it’s fixed for the future. In the meantime, the high dependency unit at Modbury Hospital needs to be restored.

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