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My name is Michael O’Brien and I have lived in the local area for over 40 years.

After completing an Economics Degree and Diploma in Education at Flinders University I held senior management positions in the public service and the South Australian Museum and ran a small business in Morphett Vale.

I currently teach Economics, Accounting and Business and Enterprise to high school students and I'm also actively involved in many sporting and community associations.

My passions are education, health, business and respectful behaviours in the workplace.

I am standing for election as I wish to introduce real change to the South Australian political environment. The current political duopoly focuses on looking after the interests of big business or big unions and needs to be challenged. I am not bound by ideology and support accountable, transparent, cost effective, common sense decision-making that benefits the greater community.

As a proud South Australian I am dismayed at how we have been let down regarding increases in electricity prices and other essential services, unacceptably high levels of unemployment (particularly youth unemployment), the Families SA crisis, cuts to essential health care services, unnecessary sale of public assets, the Oakden nursing home scandal and the TAFE SA debacle, to name a few.

As Nick Xenophon says, voters are presently faced with the choice between a government that deserves to lose, and an opposition that doesn’t deserve to win. SA-BEST is here to give you a fresh, flexible and dynamic alternative. 

We need to reduce the outrageously high cost of electricity and other essential services, provide local job opportunities to keep young people in the region, make home affordability achievable for young South Australians, and increase our health care services particularly in the areas of mental health and drug addiction. 

I am 100% committed to addressing all of these issues and determined to work hard for you. In the coming weeks, I hope to get a chance to meet and talk with you. In the meantime, please contact me regarding any concerns you may have via email: or by calling the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

If you want SA and our local community to be the best it can be I need your support to represent you in parliament as part of the SA-BEST team.

Best Wishes,

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Michael O’Brien - SA-BEST Candidate for Hurtle Vale

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Got something to say? Contact Michael O'Brien

Some of the issues that need real action...

Improved Community and Sporting Club Amenities

Local clubs are the life blood of our community. They provide opportunities for members to meet, have fun, socialise, develop friendships and to feel valued with a sense of belonging. They are pillars of the community that provide young people in particular with meaning and purpose. 

Tackling the Scourge of Methamphetamine - Ice

Families and communities are now significantly challenged by methamphetamine use. It is a serious problem in our electorate that leads to dangerous anti-social behaviour, affecting users, their families and impacting on crime and home security.

We need to implement best practice primary prevention to reduce the number of ice users and apply strong and affective penalties to deter dealers. We also need to establish effective treatment centres within our region to assist users in their recovery. 

The Role of Senior Citizens

We need to value, respect, listen to and engage with our senior citizens in all aspects of community life. We need to ensure that their health care needs are met and that they do not suffer financial hardships as a result of the increasing cost of living. 

Youth Unemployment

We need to establish opportunities within the region for young people to be meaningfully employed. It’s extremely disappointing for families when young people are forced to head interstate or overseas to follow career pathways. It’s important to create an economic climate that supports business growth and includes public sector initiatives for increased youth employment. 

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