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Dear Residents

Labor has been in for an awfully long time, and they have made some dreadful mistakes along the way – dodgy land deals, unchecked child abuse and TAFE SA rendered dysfunctional through drastic funding cuts and mismanagement.

At the same time, the Liberals’ offering is just not making an impact; despite the glossy brochures they seem to have no plans to do better than the other mob. There must be another way!

I feel inspired to run for Parliament, to be part of the solution with Nick Xenophon and the SA-BEST team!

About myself

Adelaide born and bred, I’m married to Minerva, with two adult daughters studying at university.

After graduating from law school (with Honours) I practised law, seeing it as a way of helping people achieve what was due to them.

I’m immersed in the community through many local groups, including:

    • South Adelaide Basketball Club (patron)
    • Marion Football Club (vice-patron)
    • Marion City Band (patron)
    • former patron of Marion Cricket Club and Sturt Marion Soccer Club
    • former chairperson of environmental and business associations
    • church

A strong track-record

I was in the SA Parliament previously, about the same time as my friend Nick Xenophon. Achievements included laws to make it easier to convict rapists, and I introduced an early attempt to set up ICAC – initially resisted by the major parties. Four year fixed terms was another idea of mine approved by Parliament.

For the last three years I’ve been Mayor of Marion, where I have:

    • successfully pushed for lower rate rises each year;
    • been a key player in negotiating a fully-funded fix to Oaklands Crossing – being built this year.
    • attracted many millions of dollars of State and Federal funding for major local sporting projects;
    • successfully pushed for a rollout of solar panels across Council facilities, soon to be followed by rollout of about 8,000 energy saving LED streetlights across the area;
    • initiated a successful Multicultural Forum
    • encouraged a Council culture that always puts residents first;

What needs to be done

I played a key role in negotiating the full-funding of the Oaklands Crossing fix; that’s why the State and Federal Ministers invited me to share the grand announcement with them last year. Now I need to be in State Parliament to make sure the Government does the job properly, for example, making sure they put in enough car parking.

From my track-record you can see I have the ability to deliver what your area needs. As an experienced member of Nick Xenophon’s team, I would work to completely overhaul the way democracy functions in this State. It’s not working! We need common sense and integrity to fix it!

Feel free to contact me by email: or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400. 

With Best Wishes,

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Kris Hanna - SA-BEST Candidate for Gibson

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Got something to say? Contact Kris Hanna

Just some of the issues that need real action:

Oaklands Crossing

I played a key role in bringing together State and Federal governments so they committed over $180m to fix south western Adelaide’s worst traffic bottleneck. It is happening but I need to be in Parliament to make sure they build what you want – including adequate parking!

Putting the Brakes on Bad Planning Laws

So much of the excessive subdivision and poor design we see in local neighbourhoods is due to the State Government push for ever denser living. We need planning limits which better reflect community aspirations.

Gambling harm

SA-BEST will push for comprehensive and practical reforms to slash levels of gambling harm in SA - especially from pokies. Addicts will get the rehabilitation services they deserve.

Reducing the cost of energy

SA has among the highest energy prices in the world. Huge increases in power bills are crippling our large industries, small businesses and households. People want cheaper, more reliable power. There needs to be policy consensus between the State and Federal Government for investment certainty, which is an essential prerequisite to ensure that we have energy stability. This is a critical issue that we will work hard to rectify to the advantage of SA.

Tackling substance abuse

Drastic action is needed to reduce the high rate of drug abuse, especially methamphetamine or ‘ice’ and the crimes sprees associated with it. SA-BEST will implement effective treatment programs to help those battling with addiction while cracking down on those trafficking these destructive substances.

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