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My name is Michael Slattery and I am running in the March 2018 state election as the SA-BEST candidate to represent you in the seat of Elder.

I am strongly motivated to help our state which has been stung with enormous rises in the cost of living. This is having a disastrous impact on the most disadvantaged in our own community, including senior citizens and those struggling to find work. In particular, high energy costs hurt small and medium businesses which are a key driver of jobs.

Health is another key issue I am hot on after Labor’s 2010 broken promise that they would not close the Daws Road Repatriation Hospital. Mike Rann’s pledge that it would “never, ever be closed by a Labor government” is still ringing in my ears! Through Labor’s failed and costly Transforming Health program, health services and facilities in Elder, that so many have depended upon, have been trashed. Our returned servicemen and women deserve better. Our community deserves better.

Similarly, residents in Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park affected by soil contamination have been treated with disdain by this government. Homeowners and businesses in the area have also faced hardship with never-ending roadworks and compulsory acquisition of properties. Negotiating traffic has become a nightmare on roads like South, Goodwood and Cross roads, and you can expect even more disruption and congestion with other projects in the wings. That’s why proper planning, consultation and appropriate compensation with all stakeholders are a must.

Small business is something I am particularly focused on. From personal experience, I know what a struggle it is in challenging economic times. After my own business failed for reasons beyond my control, I’m out to ensure it doesn’t happen to others. That's why I’m passionate about security of payments reform, so subcontractors aren’t left in the lurch by those higher up in the contracting chain.

With SA-BEST, we now have a great opportunity to make SA a state of opportunity that rewards innovation, creativity and hard yakka.

Here’s your chance to vote for a new voice for change and common sense. It would be great to get your feedback on what matters to you and your family.

You can call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 or email me at michael.slattery@sabest.org.au.

All the best!

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Michael Slattery - SA-BEST Candidate for Elder

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Got something to say? Contact Michael Slattery

Some issues that need real action in Elder…..


We need more opportunities to bring down the rate of unemployment, particularly among our youth, and look at measures to stop the flow of our young people having to leave the state. After the TAFE SA scandal, we must ensure adequate vocational training is available to meet future requirements of big defence contracts. Small business needs support and encouragement as it is our biggest provider of employment.

Health Services

Closing the Repat at Daw Park was scandalous and unnecessary. Transforming Health has only served to cut services to our most vulnerable people. With an ageing population, providing reliable services and facilities is paramount. I will fight to maximize the community benefit at the Repat site for health facilities as part of any negotiations for the site.

Combating Substance Abuse

Our state has the highest rate of drug abuse, particularly crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) and that is unacceptable. SA-BEST will push for strategies and adequate funding to reduce addiction and provide effective treatment programs.

Traffic Management

There are far too many disruptions on our roads due to ongoing roadworks, making travel a nightmare. While they are necessary, more needs to be done to ensure residents and businesses are consulted. Some major arterial roads, like Cross Road, require effective management to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Predatory Gambling

Pokies and online gambling have caused a lot of damage to too many people in our community. SA-BEST is committed to measures that will dramatically reduce the addictiveness of poker machines and provide help to those already addicted.

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