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My name is Jack Noonan and I’m running for SA-BEST in the seat of Dunstan at the state election.

I’m 27 years old and want to make South Australia a better place for people of all ages to raise their families.

My passion to see change, and for the state to prosper, runs in the family with my dad, John, also standing for SA-BEST in the seat of Cheltenham, taking on Premier, Jay Weatherill.

My entire adult life has been spent seeing the South Australian Labor Government let our great state slowly decay, with the feeble Liberal Opposition, led by Steven Marshall, failing to seriously challenge them or hold them to account.

I’m running for SA-BEST so that, with Nick Xenophon, we can fix our broken political system and start to solve the state’s many challenges.

We deserve reliable, affordable power and essential services, a vocational training system that isn’t a national laughing stock, shorter hospital waiting lists, and tackling head-on social issues such as the proliferation of pokies and online gambling, as well as mental health and substance abuse.

As a young person, I’ve had to see many of my friends leave our state to try to find employment. I want to reverse that trend with strong, positive policies.

We have fewer people aged between 18 and 34 living in SA now than we did 35 years ago! This is a shocking indictment on both major parties.

I graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Adelaide in 2012 and, since then, have worked within the construction industry as a building services engineer.

I’m an engineer who focuses on solving problems - unlike too many of our politicians who create them.

That must change. That is why I’m running for Dunstan.

I have seen first-hand the state of disrepair of SA’s energy policy and our infrastructure.

We need to transform the energy sector to deliver affordable, reliable power instead of having the most expensive electricity prices in the world. It’s something that’s impacting every South Australian family and business. The smart, well planned adoption of renewables is part of the solution.

If you would like to be part of real change you can trust, I would value your feedback, concerns and ideas. Better still, you can volunteer to help me win the seat of Dunstan for SA-BEST. Please feel free to contact me directly via email me at call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

With best wishes,

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Jack Noonan - SA-BEST Candidate for Dunstan

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

Got something to say? Contact Jack Noonan

My focus in Dunstan

Stop the exodus of youth

The political duopoly of Labor and Liberal has taken turns at destroying the SA economy for young people, who are now leaving the state in droves. If elected, I would organise a Youth Summit to confront the problem, and develop and implement plans to make SA an attractive place to live for young people – including reversing the young people exodus!

Making housing more affordable is also a key priority.

Electricity prices

Sixteen years of Labor – together with the Liberals’ decision to privatise electricity - has given SA some of the highest electricity prices in the world. Average wholesale energy prices in SA have more than doubled since this time last year. SA-BEST will prioritise making power more affordable and reliable – no more blackouts in SA!

Business incentives and education

Small businesses and technological start-up organisations are vital for our communities and employment growth. SA-BEST will fix the TAFE debacle so that people can get the right vocational training they deserve, and find suitable employment opportunities in SA.

Government accountability

A vote for SA-BEST will ensure that elected state and local governments are responsible, transparent and accountable. Freedom of Information laws and whistle-blowers will be protected so that all South Australians can keep whoever forms government in line. SA-BEST will support our local economy and families to achieve a solid and sustainable future that makes SA the best place to live and work.

Predatory gambling

The impact of pokies and online gambling is hurting too many in our community. SA-BEST will make it a priority to reign in the damage caused by predatory gambling with strong, effective, policies.

Substance abuse

Crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ is a scourge on society and is wrecking lives every day. SA-BEST will have programs to help break the cycle of drug abuse and help those stricken with addiction, as well as cracking down on dealers. Effective mandatory rehabilitation needs to be on the agenda to help break the cycle of addiction.

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