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I’m Karen Hockley and I’m excited to be the SA-BEST candidate for Davenport.

My background is in business and finance and I hold tertiary qualifications in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration. Through my work with residents and business groups,

I’ve developed strong links to the community. My work includes projects ranging from streetscape improvements and bushfire preparation, prevention and education to promoting economic vibrancy and local jobs and supporting refugees in the community.

I’m currently working as a voluntary Board Member with Hills Community Options, a South Australian not for profit specialist disability provider. I’ve been serving as a Councillor on the City of Mitcham Council since November 2014.

Councils are the arm of government that affects our everyday lives in the most tangible ways. From collecting the rubbish and fixing potholes to encouraging responsible pet ownership and providing community programs and events. Councillors are the most accessible of our elected representatives because we don’t have staff to answer the phone or prepare a response to an email inquiry. This puts us in a unique position of having a deep understanding of the issues that resonate in the community.

As a councillor I have always worked to encourage and support community driven initiatives and advocate on behalf of the community while I’m in a position to do it. I listen intently to the community and I love it when you send me emails or talk to me on Facebook.

I have chosen to join SA-BEST because Nick Xenophon represents the sensible centre of politics. He committed to finding practical solutions to our state’s problems. He listens to the people and he’s a great champion for South Australia.

I love working with the community in local government and I know I have the skills, experience and commitment to represent you fearlessly in our State Parliament.

I would love to hear from you about your concerns and how I can represent you fully and proactively. Please email me at karen.hockley@sabest.org.au or call me on 0423 919 080.

Thank you,

 Karen Hockley

Karen Hockley - SA-BEST Candidate for Davenport

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

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Some of the local issues in Davenport include...


Local access to our health system is vital. SA Health should be a system driven by patient outcomes, not cost reductions. The ‘transforming health’ changes need to be adjusted to ensure that people can access a range of high quality services, available on a timely basis and designed to meet their needs and delivered in a convenient location.

Electricity Prices

Families are struggling with the cost of power. Electricity prices in SA are among the highest in the world and it hurts. I will work with my state and federal colleagues to make electricity more affordable, without compromising the environment. Power and other utilities are core monopoly services that shouldn’t be used to gouge huge profits.


We need jobs. We need jobs for our young people, for parents returning to work after a career break, for professional parents who would love to work in their field part time and for older people who have seen the reduction in manufacturing and the stagnation of wages growth. I will focus on local economic development and vibrancy so that we can all get a job.


I will advocate for better resourcing for our schools. We have many great schools with great teachers but they often struggle for want of funds and resources. I want to be sure that our schools and teachers have the resources they need to prepare our kids for excellent vocational and tertiary outcomes. Education underpins employability and lifelong outcomes and should not be subject to the federal/state blame game.

Local Infrastructure and Services

I will fight for funding for local infrastructure and services. Many residents have difficulty maintaining their properties when their green bin is only collected monthly, not fortnightly. Parks, playgrounds and public toilets should be well maintained. I will partner with you and your council to drive great outcomes at a local level.

Transport Infrastructure

We all need to get to work, to school and to other places. Our transport network should be well maintained and be safe and convenient for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Good, reliable and convenient public transport options should also be available to enable people to move around in a cost effective and environmentally sensitive way. Good public transport also helps to relieve traffic congestion.

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