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South Australians love a Showdown. And that’s what I’m planning to give Premier Jay Weatherill on 17 March.

My name is John Noonan and I’m running for SA-BEST in the seat of Cheltenham at the state election.

My passion to see change, and for the state to prosper, runs in the family with my son, Jack, also standing for SA-BEST in the seat of Dunstan, against the Opposition Leader, Steven Marshall.

I’ve decided to contest the Premier’s own electorate to personally hold him to account for the monumental failures of the Labor Government for the past 16 years. Like you, I’ve had enough of proud and hardworking South Australians living in an era of unprecedented failure under Jay’s Government. Jay has had many chances to represent us, yet he has failed to deliver on the key issues facing our state and the seat of Cheltenham.

From appallingly long hospital waiting lists to failed education policies, electricity prices that are the highest in the world, defenceless children in state care, to our vulnerable in aged care, Jay has failed to maintain the best interests of our state.

We need to hold him accountable for his own failures – and that of a government he has led.

Elections are the most powerful way to make that happen. Get involved, make your voice heard - and vote for a new era of leadership: down-to-earth, practical, and results-driven leadership.

Please join me in taking Cheltenham and our state to where it should be - where it deserves to be.

I’m an Engineer experienced in working with leadership teams on complex infrastructure projects. I have personally seen and dealt with the types of problems that have evolved in South Australia under Jay’s leadership.

I have extensive experience as a change manager for very complex projects. I want to bring that experience and skill set to help SA-BEST fix our broken political system and rebuild our economy.

I want to help SA-BEST effect real change that people can trust. Our great state deserves nothing less.

Please join my campaign to help me take the fight to Jay. Cheltenham needs you to volunteer and donate what time you can spare.

SA-BEST wants to see Jay gone at the next election, for the benefit of Cheltenham - and all South Australians.

I value your feedback, concerns and ideas. Feel free to contact me any time on 0414 610 933 or email me at

With best wishes,

 John Noonan

John Noonan - SA-BEST Candidate for Cheltenham

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P.S. If you would like to get involved in the campaign as a volunteer that would be great. Call or email me, or contact the SA-BEST campaign office on (08) 8545 0400.

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My focus in Cheltenham...

Health and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Labor’s appalling Transforming Health policy has been a disaster for the State - in particular, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Premier’s very own seat of Cheltenham. It has compromised the provision of specialist health services to the people of the western suburbs.

To add insult to injury, the cutbacks to Cardiology Services at the QEH have been destructive, despite promises to the contrary. Labor cannot be trusted with its continual backflips on the QEH. How can it be trusted to deliver on its latest desperate promises of $250M for the QEH? Much of this money is about cramming in services from the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre to the QEH. 

Power prices and supply

South Australian families and businesses pay the highest electricity prices in the world. How is this possible when SA generates power, on average, at the lowest wholesale price on the National Energy Market? This is a massive policy failure from the Labor Government while the Liberal’s policy alternatives have been just as appalling.

Worse still, SA families and businesses are suffering as a direct result!

SA-BEST will campaign for an Energy strategy that will aim to make retail electricity prices in SA the lowest in the world.

We will also strive to have our electricity assets returned to the hands of the SA Government - where they belong.

We want all South Australians to be better off, and the state able to attract innovative industry from around the world, bringing with it desperately needed jobs.

Predatory gambling

The impact of pokies and online gambling is hurting too many in our community. SA-BEST will make it a priority to reign in the damage caused by predatory gambling with strong effective policies.

Substance abuse

Crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ is a scourge on society and is wrecking lives every day. SA-BEST will have programs to help break the cycle of drug abuse and help those stricken with addiction, as well as cracking down on dealers. Effective mandatory rehabilitation needs to be on the agenda to help break the cycle of addiction.

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