Andrea Madeley

Andrea is a Legislative Council candidate for SA-BEST. She is a staunch supporter of local manufacturing and a strong advocate for workplace safety.

Andrea immigrated to Australia from Germany in 1971 with her family and grew up in Hallett Cove and then later in Aldinga Beach and McLaren Vale.

Andrea enjoyed a career spanning 20 years as a consultant to South Australian industry. Her role in designing specialised process equipment took her through a diverse range of industries from small micro enterprises to that of our now diminished automotive manufacturers over those years.

Andrea was also a devoted mother to her son Daniel, who was tragically killed while working on a horizontal boring machine in his first year as an apprentice toolmaker in 2004. It was soon after this heart-breaking loss that Andrea moved to the Barossa Valley where she began to question the system that she was now forced to navigate. 

She approached Nick Xenophon in 2005 with a hope he might help her find answers in what had happened to her son. In May 2006 Andrea and Nick set about to unite family members who had lost a loved one in similar circumstances and from this, VOID (Voice of Industrial Death) was created with an aim to supporting people traversing a similarly difficult path. 

Andrea has been an outspoken advocate for safety having spent the last decade speaking to schools, businesses and its workforce about the importance of safety and the impact of unsafe work.

She then embarked on her first university degree at the conclusion of the inquest into her son’s death. Andrea's sole objective was to gain a better appreciation of the law – critical in grasping the legal and policy issues surrounding workplace safety and worker’s compensation concerns.

Andrea brings a deep passion for industrial relations policy. She is keen to gather all major stakeholders in a progressive debate on ways to deal with people impacted by unsafe work and the disconnect between work health and safety and the worker’s compensation scheme.

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