Simon Jones

Simon is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Morphett. He is excited and passionate about the prospect of serving the people of Morphett.

Simon has lived in Morphett for the past 21 years, is an active member of the community and a successful sports coach and business person.

He is perhaps best known in the business world for his highly regarded skills in staff selection and behavioural analysis, where he provided professional services to some of SA's largest companies and many Government organisations. 

Simon has also worked as a Youth and Disability Officer and Employment Manager for the Commonwealth Government, where he was awarded for his work in developing a careers expo for young women and for running a high profile radio project which placed hundreds of disadvantaged people into work.

He also lobbied successfully for a major employment initiative in McLaren Vale that resulted in significant viticulture work outcomes and has worked with elders from the Indigenous community to create Aged Care training tailored to Aboriginal students.

During the past five years Simon has worked in the real estate industry and built an excellent reputation for trust, integrity, and sheer hard work.

He believes Morphett is one of the most charming and beautiful seaside neighbourhoods in Australia and is eager to represent and serve his electorate.

You can contact Simon via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with him to discuss any issue that concerns you in Morphett. To view Simon's electorate page, click here.

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