Phil Gallasch

Phil is our candidate for the seat of Elizabeth. He has been conducting business in Elizabeth for over 30 years.

Phil was born in Australia. He graduated in Law and in Economics from The University of Adelaide in 1983. He is an admitted legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of SA and the High Court of Australia. He has conducted his legal practice in Elizabeth/Elizabeth South trading as Dixon Gallasch Pty Ltd since 1986. Many of you may have utilised his services for family, compensation, estate planning, defence or civil litigation. He has taken on pro bono work regularly over 30 years, including asbestos litigation and providing assistance to the unemployed, handicapped, impoverished and vulnerable people in the northern suburbs.

Phil is a current member of the Law Society of SA and a former committee member of the SA Bridge Association.

He is a family man, having raised three children and has seen first-hand their difficulties in gaining employment in SA and acquiring a home. He is a grandfather that wants the best for his family growing up in the future.

Phil sees an opportunity for real change and wants to be a part of that change to deliver the best for Elizabeth and SA. He wants the electorate to have a voice from someone who understands the area and who knows that those affected by government policies need to have their concerns appropriately addressed. 

Government must be made accountable to the people and this must include the people of Elizabeth.

You can contact Phil on email at phil.gallasch@sabest.org.au and arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your concerns.

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