Paul Brown

Paul is the SA-BEST Candidate for the seat of Schubert. His focus will be on delivering on three levels as a candidate and Member of Parliament.

Firstly, it is about delivering outcomes for the individuals of Schubert. Secondly, it is about the electorate itself and what it needs to be done. Thirdly, it is about what he can do as part of the SA-BEST team to improve our State.

Paul has spent his working life in small business, with the past 16 years in tourism operating the internationally-recognised Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours.

Paul’s understanding is based on real-life experience of the challenges of owning and managing a small business.

He has also spent his entire adult life being a passionate advocate for his community and industry at a local, State and National level. He will also be a passionate and effective advocate for Schubert based on the sound knowledge he has accumulated over more than 35 years.

Paul served for 6 years as the Chair of the Australian Tourism Export Council in SA and also on the national board as well. In 2016 his efforts were recognised when he received the national award for Outstanding Contribution to ATEC by an individual. He was elected to the South Australian Tourism Industry Council and as Chair of the advocacy committee in 2017. He is taking a leave of absence from those positions to run as a candidate.

Paul’s attitude to life has always been that if you are not happy with a situation then you need to do something about it.

The most recent example of this has been his involvement with the SA Health Oakden Response Plan Oversight Committee Model of Care – Expert Working Group. It’s a big title but essentially this group was responsible for designing a new model of care for mental health in South Australia.

This appointment came about because Paul’s sister, who has early on-set dementia, was a resident and Oadken. Paul wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

He believes that mental health issues are only going to get worse with dementia now causing more deaths than any other illness in Australia. Paul feels that part of the solution is making more services available in the north, south and centrally. This makes it easier to access services and for family and friends to offer support.

Paul believes very strongly that the Government - behalf of the people that elect them - has a responsibility to look after those who are not able to look after themselves.

Paul has vast experience representing his community and industry, having served on committees and boards at a local, State and National level. On many of those committees and boards Paul was the Chair.

Having been a 4th generation farmer, Paul has also represented the agriculture industry at a local, State and National level during his time as a wool, meat and grain grower.

Paul and his wife Mandy moved to Adelaide last year. Paul will be working hard in the electorate in the lead up to the election, and he and his wife are planning to buy a property in Schubert if he becomes the member.

He would like to hear from the residents of the electorate about the issues that concern them. He is determined to be a passionate advocate for Schubert if elected to State Parliament.

You can contact Paul via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with him to discuss any issue that concerns you in Schubert. To view Paul's electorate page, click here.

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