Natasha Henningsen

Natasha is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Wright. She values honesty, fairness, justice and hard work.

She is passionate about improving our broken state political system by representing a wider range of voices, fighting for fair and equitable access to public services and making government more accountable.

Natasha strongly believes SA should be thriving and not simply surviving. She advocates for a better form of democracy by shaking up the status quo and ensuring community voices are valued and acted upon.

Natasha grew up in Ingle Farm and Modbury Heights in a working-class family. Her father was a mechanic, her mother a dressmaker and she gained a life-long interest in politics from her grandfather. This upbringing shaped her strong sense of social justice and a desire to participate in the political process to ensure social and economic change for people from all walks of life.

A chef by trade, then running her own business in Rundle Street in the 1990’s Natasha completed a Degree in Political Science and then travelled widely before spending five years working on the Dubai Healthcare City project. This gave her a keen understanding of high-level planning and business strategies within healthcare organisations – something that SA’s Health system desperately needs.

Natasha has worked in the public sector in health and has seen, first-hand, bad decisions and waste – with decent public servants being too scared to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. That’s why SA-BEST’s plan to protect whistle-blowers will make a big difference to get a better health system.

More recently Natasha moved into the Education sector as an Academic Resource, Project Officer.  Her area of expertise is putting in place change programs within organisations by applying an analytical mind and a practical can-do approach to streamline business process operations. In 2015 Natasha finished a Master of Public Administration (Public Policy). This knowledge gave her the ability to represent you and the electorate of Wright by pinpointing what is required to improve public services in every aspect of your lives.

Natasha wants to put our complacent government on notice – advocating for a better way to run our great state. With your support SA-BEST can break the Labor/Liberal duopoly as a long term credible alternative.

A key motivation for Natasha is to understand the concerns of the electorate and discuss the benefits of voting differently. We know that major parties take safe seats for granted and therefore are less likely to receive funding.

Her policy priorities include improving local facilities and services in the Wright electorate, restoring full services to Modbury Hospital and making it a healthcare hub for north-eastern communities, making sure schools in the electorate have adequate facilities and resources, finding viable solutions to reduce cost of living pressure and strategies to assist first home buyers access the housing market. Natasha is also resolute to remain objective and cut through complex policy problems with community input (NOT with vested interests or lobby groups).

She believes that too many Fund My Neighbourhood applications submitted across the Wright electorate were rejected. She will prioritise better community facilities, infrastructure and services, such as solar panels at local sports centres to alleviate high electricity prices, safer school pedestrian crossings and suicide prevention resources for youth at risk. She will use her experience in medical administration to establish a timeframe for Modbury to be restored without the cost blow outs and ongoing failures under Labor.

 Natasha believes the electorate of Wright is better served by someone with strong policy knowledge and change management expertise rather than by lawyers, career politicians or party officials.

You can contact Natasha via email at natasha.henningsen@sabest.org.au or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with her to discuss any issue that concerns you in Wright. To view Natasha's electorate page, click here

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