Kris Hanna

Kris is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Gibson. He is a skilled negotiator and has years of legal knowledge and parliamentary experience.

Kris was born in Adelaide in 1962. He is married to Minerva, and he has two adult daughters studying at university. After graduating from law school (with Honours) Kris practised law, seeing it as a way of helping people achieve what was due to them.

Kris served on the Marion Council from 1995 to 1997 as a Councillor. He was elected to the South Australian Parliament in 1997, at the same time as his friend Nick Xenophon.

After leaving Parliament in 2010, Kris set up his own legal practice. In 2014 he was elected unopposed as Mayor of Marion.

In his three years as Mayor, Kris has:

    • successfully pushed for lower rate rises each year;
    • been a key player in negotiating a fully-funded fix to Oaklands Crossing – being built this year;
    • successfully pushed for a rollout of solar panels across Council facilities, soon to be followed by rollout of about 8,000 energy saving LED streetlights across the area;
    • attracted many millions of dollars of State and Federal funding for major local sporting projects;
    • initiated a successful Multicultural Forum; and
    • encouraged a Council culture that always puts residents first.

Kris is immersed in the community through many local groups, for example:

    • South Adelaide Basketball Club (patron)
    • Marion Football Club (vice-patron)
    • Marion City Band (patron)
    • Former patron of Marion Cricket Club and Sturt Marion Soccer Club
    • Former chairperson of environmental and business associations
    • Was the longest serving member of Seaview High School Council
    • His church

Kris continues to speak up strongly for the community and especially for people in need. 

You can contact Kris via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with him to discuss any issue that concerns you in Gibson. To view Kris's electorate page, click here.

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