Kate Amoroso

Kate is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Mount Gambier. She wants to consult the community so its people can work together to improve their great town.

Kate is very familiar with Mount Gambier. She grew up locally and attended Reidy Park Primary School and Mount Gambier High School. She was a very sporty and active teenager and was involved with hockey, netball, tennis, and track and field. She has three children and one granddaughter.

For the past three years, Kate has been an active member on several working parties and governance committees, including: the Health Advisory Committee; Standard 2 Working Party, partnering with consumers; Corporate Services; South East Health Services Community Network; South East Field Day Working Party; and the Community Engagement & Social Inclusion council subcommittee. Kate is also a volunteer at the Migrant Centre and Meals on Wheels.

Many people in Mount Gambier will know, or have heard, of Kate through her fierce and relentless advocacy in the Drug and Alcohol field. She has worked tirelessly in the past three years to bring about change and much-needed understanding about methamphetamine – commonly known as the drug ‘ice’. Kate has seen the devastating effect it’s having on families, which has now become a multi-generational problem. She has also seen a complete lack of accountability and transparency from within the Labor Government to deal with the issue. As a result, Kate believes that the Labor Government has created a cycle in which those most in need of help have been silenced – and her goal is to give those people a voice.

Kate knows Mount Gambier is a beautiful, vibrant town with so much to offer. However, over the past 16 years she has seen Labor totally neglect the needs of the people in the community, while the Liberals fail to hold Labor to account by suggesting a better way.

Kate would bring a strong local voice so that all people in the community will be represented, regardless of their socio-economic, ethnic, or political background. She wants to consult the community so that its people can work together to improve their great town. She intends to give Mount Gambier a viable alternative to both the major parties by actively listening and empowering people. Her vision is to see Mount Gambier’s economy and tourism thriving once again, all the while strengthening families and building on our community spirit.

Some of the key issues for Kate include restoring facilities at the Mount Gambier Hospital, reducing substance abuse, banning fracking, revitalising the local forestry industry, boosting tourism, reducing the cost of living pressures (especially electricity prices) and increasing employment opportunities in and around the Mount.

Kate is an incredibly proud South Australian who is passionate, dedicated and determined to bring about change. She has worked alongside Nick Xenophon for a number of years and is excited and honoured to be part of the SA-BEST team.

You can contact Kate via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with her to discuss any issue that concerns you in Mount Gambier. To view Kate's electorate page, click here

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