John Noonan

John is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Cheltenham. He is particularly concerned with the politicisation over the state public service.

John Noonan was Adelaide born and raised, and educated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Adelaide. John has a distinguished career in technical engineering and engineering management roles. John has spent time working with South Australian and global engineering companies, and with the South Australian State Government owned utility ETSA, before it was sold off by John Olsen’s Liberal Government.

John has taught Electrical and Civil Engineering at the University of Adelaide while completing a Master of Engineering Science Postgraduate Degree. Demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning, John later completed an Honours Law Degree, also at the university of Adelaide. John spent 15 years in teams that helped bring some of the best high technology companies such as sun microsystems and SGI to Australia and to Adelaide. John's work with these companies saw a focus on defence, high tech, health, and higher education megaprojects. John has been involved with defence megaprojects such as the Collins class submarines and the PC3 Orions to name but a few.

Since 2003, John has operated his own Management Consultancy with a focus on assisting leadership teams of large engineering projects. This focus has involved John being involved with team leadership and change management of large projects such as Gorgon, Browse, the Diamantina Power station, the Esperance port upgrade, and mines across Australia.

John understands that many of the challenges faced by South Australia are related to the ongoing and continued mismanagement of critical infrastructure in South Australia. The current Labor Government has a serious record of failure in management of key infrastructure matters such as energy, road infrastructure, water, rail infrastructure, manufacturing and the jobs associated with this critical infrastructure. This mismanagement has, in part, resulted in a net migration of South Australian youth from South Australia to other state where they can secure meaningful employment.

John wants to hold the premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, accountable in his seat of Cheltenham. He believes mismanagement of the SA public service prevents the overwhelming majority of the good people in the SA public service from doing their jobs properly.

John is married with 4 children, one of whom, Jack Noonan, is also running for the seat of Dunstan in the state parliament, with SA-BEST.

You can contact John via email at or call him on 0414 610 933 and arrange to meet up with him to discuss any issue that concerns you in Cheltenham. To view John's electorate page, click here.

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