Jo Mausolf

Jo is the SA-BEST candidate for the seat of Reynell. Her goal is to make positive change and effectively represent the people in the area.

Jo is a resident of Christies Beach who grew up in the electorate and went to Christies Beach High School. For the past 30 years Jo has taught children in SA, interstate and overseas. She believes all children should have an equal opportunity to receive quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background. She will strive to make this happen by ensuring there is a proper level of funding, resources and support for teachers and parents.

Jo believes that Labor has taken Reynell for granted during its 21-year hold on the seat. During its current term in Government Labor rewarded that loyalty by closing Noarlunga Hospital’s 29-bed medical ward under the Transforming Health plan. She will push for this decision to be reversed because there are not enough beds at the Flinders Medical Centre, parking costs are excessive the excessive travel time puts unnecessary stress on patients and their families. She wants the people of Reynell to send Mr Weatherill a message and hold him to account for not working in your best interests.

More must also be done to provide high-quality not-for-profit aged care facilities in the south. Families should not have to travel long distances to visit and care for their loved ones.

Jo is aware of the struggles that families in the electorate have with meeting the high cost of living, especially the exorbitant power prices that have resulted from poor government decisions and priorities and the issue of employment. She and SA-BEST have common sense solutions, such as an energy plan to make power more affordable and reliable by helping more people to generate and store their own power. They will also address payroll tax to encourage small business to grow and employ more people. SA kids must have opportunities to stay in SA rather than leaving for interstate.

With regard to education, the Debelle Royal Commission found that the SA Education Department needs to be reformed. As an experienced classroom teacher Jo is well-placed to help with the process. More resources need to be put into schools instead of head office.

Jo also wants to find ways to redevelop the 250 hectares of land at Port Stanvac for housing, business and recreation because under Mr Weatherill, again, not enough has been done. The development of a properly designed and resourced linear park along Christies Creek is also a priority for Jo as it would provide great recreational opportunities and promote a sense of community. She will advocate for the Christies Creek Linear Trail to be completed from the coast to Morphett Vale and possibly beyond.

After 16 years of Labor in power, and after 21 years of Labor representing the people of Reynell, Jo strongly believes that it’s time for a change of government. 

You can contact Jo via email at or call the campaign office on (08) 8545 0400 and arrange to meet up with her to discuss any issue that concerns you in Reynell. To view Jo's electorate page, click here.

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