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This election will be one of the most important - and unprecedented - in recent times, particularly given the impact the COVID pandemic has had on our economy and in our community.

Whoever wins the election - whether that be Liberal or Labor - has to be held accountable and act responsibly in the interest of all South Australians.

SA-BEST has proven it has the ability to do just that in the four years since being elected into State Parliament - but we have so much more to do.  

Crossbench MPs will play a major role in how the next state government is formed and how the next Parliament operates.

Connie and Frank will again be influential players and effective representatives for the next four years to ensure the government of the day – whether that be the Liberals or Labor – is held accountable and is transparent in everything it does.

That is why in this election SA-BEST is running a focused campaign with two excellent candidates with strong credentials to win at least another seat in the Legislative Council.

They are prominent South Australian businessman, Ian Markos, and respected psychotherapist, Dr Keyvan Abak.

Ian was the Master Builders Association’s Chief Executive Officer for five years before his retirement in January last year.

Iranian-born Keyvan is a mental health and addiction psychotherapist who is highly respected for his tireless professional, volunteer and mentoring work, including in the South Australian Middle Eastern and Indigenous communities, as well as with our war veterans.

Both have vast personal and business experience who are committed and passionate about the future of our state. 

Should we be successful in winning a third seat in the Upper House, SA-BEST will become an even more influential political force and a powerful voice for all South Australians. 

Don't give the Liberals or Labor an opportunity to take your vote for granted again.

And don’t forget a vote for the Greens is a vote for Labor and vice versa.

SA-BEST is the only centrist political party in SA not shackled by blind ideology, political factions or vested interests.

They will always put you, your family, your children’s education, your job and industry, your health, and our seniors first – always! 

We are delighted they've chosen to join our Team!

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